Inspired Collective is a team that dreams big and loves even bigger. Our mission is simple - to inspire families to nourish and care for themselves naturally and in turn create a ripple effect that supports our world to flourish.


We’re embracing the power of nature now so that future generations can live abundantly.


We’re choosing collaboration over competition because we believe in the power of community.


And most importantly, we’re creating a life of freedom and limitless possibility because we choose to live with purpose, passion and inspiration.


We’re a team of women (and the occasional guy too!) who have chosen to embrace the wild wisdom of essential oils to inspire families to think differently about health care. Together we choose to create change, abundance and freedom in our own lives and in the lives of those we meet too.


-Mahatma Ghandi

Why we choose doTERRA essential oils to align with

At the heart of our team is a company that is shaking things up and making big abundant leaps forward in the world....doTERRA! The essential oils gently and carefully harvested by doTERRA are the highest therapeutic grade in the world, which makes them a natural choice for big hearted go getters like us.

Health Care

Embrace health care the way God and Mama Nature intended

At the heart of our team is our mission to empower ourselves and our families through natural health care. The magic of doTERRA essential oils is the versatility they provide in your daily life to eat, sleep, work and play healthier. From the toxins in your home to the snacks your kids eat at school, essential oils help you ditch the nasties and embrace a safe, healthier alternative.

Shoot For The Stars

Shoot for the stars and beyond with unlimited earning potential

The beauty of the business opportunity with doTERRA and Inspired Collective is that there’s no such thing as a limit! Our team is made up of women and men who don’t want to get caught in the 9-5 grind and stare down the barrel of a soulless job for years to come. They’re choosing to shake things up and discover a business model that allows them to create their own schedule and financial stability for their families.

Grow Your Strengths

Grow your inner strengths, reach new goals and create a healthy and wealthy life you love.

With the essential oils in our hands, we’re a team that embraces our unique strengths as we say ‘yes!’ to reaching new goals and getting in the driver’s seat of our lives. We believe you really can have it all - a healthy, happy family and a wildly wealthy business too!

doTERRA have a philanthropic heart like no other

doTERRA’s vision for a healthier world starts at the core of their company - with the farmers, harvesters and distillers that bring these little bottles of magic to life. As a team who value integrity and honesty we support the way doTERRA care for and nurture the people who make this all possible.


With over 100 essential oils being harvested in 40 countries, doTERRA have created a co-impact sourcing method which supports the local farmers and harvesters to improve their skills, income and lifestyle.


How we roll as a team

How We Roll


Inspired Collective is a team that’ll have you feeling supported, inspired and confident from the get go. We may all have different backgrounds, but we come together as one with a mission to build a life that we love that creates a ripple effect through the world.

The vibe inside our team is buzzing with love and honesty because we choose collaboration over competition. Whether you’re an essential oil user or you choose to join us as a business builder, you’ll be lovingly supported from day one through ongoing education, private support groups, wellness challenges and mentorship programs. We’re all love and we have your back!



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