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Congrats! You’re in the final week of our mentor program! This final stage of PIPES is all about supporting and inspiring your amazing team to flourish.


It’s time to continue building and growing your tribe. There’s a few key things to focus on now:

  • Inspiring your oil users to become Builders - check in with interested people and continue supporting them
  • Care for your new tribe members - continue to nurture and provide support for your amazing team
  • Mentor & launch your active sharers and builders with the PIPES program

Watch this video to learn more about building your tribe


Prioritising your personal development and building an abundance mindset is SO important for growth in this business. We’ve put together our tops picks of books and resources for each rank.

Whether you prefer to listen to an audiobook on Audible or read a paperback, we highly recommend you take the time to read these at each stage of your business.


Elite book recommendations


The Slight Edge
Jeff Olson


Go Pro
Eric Worre


Start with WHY
Simon Sinek


Premier book recommendations

The Big Leap book

The Big Leap
Gay Hendricks

Think and Grow Rich Book

Think & Grow Rich
Napolean Hill

Making-The-First-Cycle-Work Book

Making the First Circle Work
Randy Gage


Free Podcasts for any rank

They are great for listening to in the car :) PLUS they are free!

Network Marketing Mastery
Matt Hall

Build Your Tribe
Chalene Johnson

The Charged Life
Brendon Burchard


DoTerra Corporate

doTERRA Corporate

Company Information, Product info and plus MUCH more can be found here:

Australian doTerra Forms

Australia doTERRA Forms

Online Product guides, Price Lists and more can be found here:

Share Success Guides

Share Success Guides

(Launch, Build, etc) can be downloaded here:


Rank Training

Rank Specific Training

Trainings for each rank can be found here:


Compensation Plan video



I don’t know enough about oils

You don’t have to! Using these oils is a continual learning journey, no matter the rank or the length of time you have been using them. It’s always a great idea to have the Modern Essentials app on your phone, or the book on hand during a class as a point of reference. If someone asks a question you don’t know, be honest and tell them you don’t know, but you can find out! Use the Modern Essentials material TOGETHER to show them how easy it is to found out for themselves, just like you do.

I don’t want to come across as salesy

Think about how much you would rave about these products if you weren’t actively sharing to earn a commission. We wouldn’t hesitate to tell our loved ones how amazing they are and the many benefits they can provide. Often your mindset shifts once you decide to actively share to earn. Remind yourself that you are sharing these oils to help and empower others. Remind yourself of your WHY and the rest will come naturally :)

What if I don’t enrol anyone from my workshop?

DON’T WORRY! Even our highest ranked leaders in doTERRA have had workshops with no enrolments. It doesn’t mean you did a bad job and it CERTAINLY doesn’t mean that you have failed. Think of it as another opportunity given to you to practice your skills. Your mentor is there to support and encourage you, so have a chat to them and they will give you advice on different ideas to try next time.

I’m not comfortable speaking in front of a group

You don’t have to! That’s the beauty of this business, it’s yours to make your own. Do what makes you comfortable. You might like to start with one on ones, Skype classes or even social media. As you continue to share, your confidence will grow.

I don’t know enough people

No biggie. Many of our leaders attract new customers via social media, market stalls, letterbox drops...the list is endless! As you start to embed the PIPES system in your business, you will confidently book workshops from workshops, and enrolments from enrolments - it will all start to flow naturally.

I’m too busy

This is your business, so make it work for you. There is no timer or minimum requirements, so you can build at your own pace. Many leaders have built whilst working and looking after their families, hosting classes in the evenings or during school hours, at times that suit them. It’s totally up to you!



Social media is a wonderful way to reach the hearts of people interested in the oils. Use these tips to build a strong social media presence.

  • Be authentic, real and raw. Your audience wants to connect with the “real” you. Share your life interests and even struggles. This will attract people who resonate with you
  • Share the ways YOU use your oils daily, people love to see personal experiences and whats working for you and your family
  • Use original content or share unedited images (make sure to credit the source - this is social media etiquette)
  • For professional images purchase Amplify via doTerra Member Services or Live chat in your back office
  • Show your face in your profile picture - this helps people connect with YOU
  • Have your name in your title as THIS is what people will remember, not the fancy business name


Use these tips to ensure you have people engaging with your posts. This will create a greater reach and allow you to interact with more people.

  • Always use an image or video for each post - make the content eye catching!
  • Ask questions or use a call to action in your accompanying text
  • Leave your audience wanting to know more - don't always share the full recipe. This encourages people to interact with you
  • Feature giveaways. Start very cheap and small like Mood Management samples. Ask people to like and comment on your competition posts to win! (Be sure you follow Facebook’s guidelines on competitions. Find out more here.)
  • Share Videos/Live Stream - Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and share videos, these get much more reach on Facebook and you get to chat to people live to boost your know, like and trust factor

Boosting Posts “Paid Ads”

  • Only boost posts that will generate either enrolments or workshop bookings

  • Keep your budget small - there’s plenty of ways to maximise social media without spending a fortune on advertising

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