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The 3rd stage of PIPES focuses on presenting the oils to interested friends and family. Remember you’ll continue to build your confidence and knowledge as your business grows - practice makes perfect!



You’ll need the following to effectively run your upcoming classes:

  • Empower Kit (available for purchase through your back office - this includes the class handouts, including a workshop outline, pricelist and order forms)

  • Clip boards & pens

  • Modern Essentials App downloaded on your phone or the book if you prefer

  • Essential Life & Emotion Book (Optional)

  • Host gifts & host packs (Optional - this is explained under booking classes from classes)

  • Welcome packs - You can completely customise what goes into these.

Here are some suggestions for your welcome packs:

  • Getting Started Guide can be found and printed off here

  • Modern Essentials reference card or booklet

  • 1 or 2 roller bottles

  • Your contact information (i.e business card)

  • Ice Blue Rub or Shampoo samples


In this section we’ll walk you through each step you need to take to successfully run essential oil classes.


Preparing Your Class

Watch this video for great tips of effectively preparing your class.


Presenting Your Class

Watch this video for tips on presenting your class to a larger group of people.


Confidence In Presenting

Watch this video to access great tips on presenting with confidence.

Pro tips:

  • Mention the wholesale account at the beginning of the class

  • Discuss practical and personal uses for each oil

  • Assume the sale - be open and confident

  • Go around at the end of the workshop and help each person find solutions for their health needs

  • Be present and welcoming as your guests arrive

  • Get the host to introduce you and to share how the oils have helped them (if they are using them) and how they got in contact with you

  • Share your story at the beginning of the class. This is a great time to use your WHY and connect with people on a human level. People will buy because of WHY you're sharing something, not just because of what the oils can do for them


Effectively Closing a Class

Watch this video to discover the 6 powerful keys to effectively close a class.



Pro tips:

Meet people where they’re at and service their individual needs. Use the below tips to identify what they may need support with.

  • What area of your health or life are you working on?

  • How serious are you about resolving these issues?

  • If I were you I would get…

  • Give them space to think


Ask these top 3 questions if they are hesitating:

  • Smile and ask ‘What factors are you considering in making this decision?’

  • ‘Is there anything we haven't talked about that will affect your decision?’

  • ‘What do you think is the next best step for you?’



Book Classes from Classes

Utilise the class you’re running to book other classes. This is a wonderful way to continue sharing the power of the oils!

Watch this video on tips to book classes within your class:

Pro tips:

  • Consider providing host gifts (to thank the host)

  • Consider providing host packs (for those who book in a class)



Use your class to enrol people onto LRP or in a follow up wellness consult and/or membership overview with yourself.

To understand more on the LRP Loyalty Rewards Program, watch this video:


Language compliance is very important for classes and also for social media. Click here to download the quick claims guide. [link to guide]


To learn more about compliance, watch this video:


Here are six things to never say at a class to ensure your success:

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