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Meet Holly

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Hey there, I’m Holly, founder of Inspired Collective and a doTERRA Blue Diamond Leader!

I’m a proud mum of 5 (with triplets in the mix), wifey and an essential oil mover and shaker.

This beautiful team and business started from a place of self love for my family. When my kids were unwell, I went searching for natural and safe solutions that I could feel confident would heal them back to health.

With a splash of Wild Orange and a few drops of Lavender and Lemon, I’d mixed these little bottles of natural wisdom which I didn’t know at the time, would completely change my life!

Naturally, I wanted to tell my friends and family all about the oils and the word quickly spread. As a stay at home mum, sharing my knowledge and passion for the oils gave me a new sense of purpose and a mission to help others change their world too.

These little bottles of bliss sparked a light in my soul, and I was hooked.

It didn’t take me long to grasp the incredible business opportunity that came with the oils. Being able to share the power and magic of the oils with people in my community was the perfect blend of passion meets connection.


As I started mixing and moving amongst people who shared like-minded values about natural health, I knew I’d found my tribe. I dove straight in, discovering my inner strengths and proudly seeing the impact the oils were having.


From there it was quick to snowball, and this little stay at home mum transformed into a happy, purpose-driven business owner!


Why doTERRA essential oils?

The choice for me was simple - doTERRA oils are the highest therapeutic grade oils in the world and I only wanted the best for my family. Gentle care and patience are at the heart of these little bottles of magic, as the oils are extracted by experienced growers around the world at the exact perfect time.

Not only did I fall wildly in love with the oils, I was even more humbled by the bigger picture approach that doTERRA take towards contributing to a healthy and flourishing country. With their potent and pure product, sustainable harvesting approach and their foundation Healing Hands, I knew this was a company I could really get behind.


My hand on heart mission is to create an unbreakable ripple effect that supports future generations to heal and nourish themselves and their families with the wild wisdom of our beautiful earth.


Inspired Collective is a team with heart, integrity and connection.

When I started Inspired Collective, I knew I wanted to create a team that embraced all walks of life - the changemakers, trailblazers and heart-led men & women on a mission. We may all be unique, but we share a common goal of using the oils to create an impact in the lives of the individuals and families we connect with.


As a team we lift each other up, help each other to reconnect with our inner strengths and we cultivate a community that makes you feel supported, inspired and part of a collective of people who have your back.


As the founder, I’m right there alongside my team because I wholeheartedly believe in being transparent in my journey so I can lead as a guide, not a guru. After all, we’re in this together!

With gratitude,

Holly x

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