Green Cleaning + Detox Your Home

Green Cleaning

Detox Your Home in 5 Days

"My hand on heart mission is to create an unbreakable ripple effect that supports future generations to heal and nourish themselves and their families with the wild wisdom of our beautiful earth"


Create a Low Tox Home in 5 days

Have you wanted to reduce the toxins in your home and "go green" with your cleaning products but not really sure where to begin?

Join me for a 5 day Green Home Challenge where I will guide you how to detox each room in your house and never buy a supermarket cleaning product again. 

I used to be a bleach addict but when I realise the impact the products were having on my families health I wanted to make some changes quick smart!

The amazing thing about green cleaning is that you will save yourself a whole lot of money in the long run + you begin a gentle ripple effect. You will start to make small steady changes over many parts of your life and in no time your health improves and your family and home become a much healthier and happy place. 




Ill go LIVE each day in my VIP Natural Wellness Tribe FB group. I'll guide you on how to make simple DIY recipes to replace your cleaning products in each of these rooms and I'll provide you with all the recipes before we begin.


Day 1 : Bathroom

Day 2 : Kitchen

Day 3 : Toilet

Day 4 : Bedrooms

Day 5 : Laundry

Here are some of the products we will go through in our 5 day challenge. Make a couple or make them ALL, Its your choice. They are all super simple and you will be guided along the way.

Surface Spray, Window Cleaner, Toilet Bombs, Kitchen Bench Spray, Dishwasher Detergent, Toilet Cleaning Spray, Air Freshener Spray, Pillow Mist, Linen Spray, Carpet Refresher Powder

You will be provided with a little shopping list prior to us getting started, this will include simple things like spray bottles, vinegar and bi carb soda.

Choose a Starter Pack to suit your needs + budget!

Green Cleaning Packs

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Natures Solution (1).jpg

*When hen you purchase through me, you will be getting wholesale prices, so make sure to look at the wholesale price column not retail prices in the above product guides.


Ready To Get Started?

Step 1: Click here to Purchase Your Green Cleaning Kit

Step 2: Select your Language and Country

Step 3: Select Wholesale Customer

Step 4: Complete your Personal Info

Step 5: Choose Starter Pack  + then add on On Guard Cleaner Concentrate or any other oils by typing it in the cart section.

Step 7: Complete Payment

Step 8: OPTIONAL - Activate your FREE OILS program (aka LRP= Loyalty Rewards Program) A kick ass monthly wellness box that gives you loads of freebies for placing a small order each month. Watch this video to learn more.

Now your that your a part of our big hearted wellness tribe, we will support you on your wellness journey. Look out for a welcome email with a link to our Natural Wellness Tribe FB group. This is where we will run the 5 day challenge. Im super grateful that you have decided to join me in our green cleaning challenge and Im really excited to hear how much you LOVE your oils when they arrive. 

With Gratitude

Holly xx

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