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Lets talk money with doTERRA. Its a bit of a taboo subject amongst advocates and its not talked about nearly as much as it should be. Most advocates that "do doTERRA" are loving, caring and GENEROUS people. They start sharing the oils purely & genuinely just to help others and don't even care about the money! (which is awesome, we need more of these people in the world)

BUT I really want to talk about how fricken amaZing the business opportunity is with doTERRA. There is some SERIOUS earning potential right here and i feel like the world needs to know. Imagine NOT stressing about bills, paying the mortgage or your kids school fees.. Instead your stresses are where to go on a FAMILY HOLIDAY, which charity to donate to and how to keep up with your rapidly growing team (true story)......

Money doesn't make you a bad person- Lets get this CLEAR! Many of us are brought up to think that money makes you "greedy and a horrible person" i call bull$h*t on these claims. The sooner you clear these "money blocks" the sooner you will succeed in doTERRA.

Before I go into how much you can actually make, i do want to stress the fact this IS still a soul- based WELLNESS business. Its NOT about getting rich quick. Its about HELPING others and being rewarded generously for your efforts. You create a community of like minded peeps and its the BEST business module ever! You can actually have both you know. A business with integrity and make A LOT of money to!

When i starting using these oils I actually had NO interest in the business, my husband had a successful business so I didn't need to work... Not to mention I had TRIPLET babies, a toddler PLUS a teenager in high school. It wasn't until I experienced these oils first hand and saw the HUGE buzz around how amazing they were.  Everyone is so QUICK to tell everyone about them. THATS when i decided to dig deeper. So i did some googling to learn about the potential earnings and my eyes almost popped out my head haha.

Earning AVERAGES with doTERRA

"the only thing limiting you, is your belief that there are limits"

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My husband and I knew from the very beginning that this was a long term goal for us, we knew that in "traditional business" you don't generally make a profit for years so we dived in thinking we wouldn't make much of a profit for a year haha (oh boy were we WRONG!). I invested into my business with full time hours and within 6 months I was at the rank of Gold and making an average of $900 a week.

How I built to Diamond in 12 months

Faced My FEARS

I had SOO many fears about starting this business. Instead of using them as excuses I ran at them head on and I worked on my belief in myself DAILY!

Positive Energy and Mindset

Positive and Negative energy are seriously legit. If you are putting out positive energy, people will WANT to be a part of what your creating. If your a negative nancy, no one will want to be a part of that shiz.

Support + Communication

From the very start I was CLEAR with my husband on my goals and I had 100% support from him to help create them.  Which meant my hubby had all 5 kids on the weekends while I  worked (sorry bros, u need to come to the table and help too!) Dan and I worked as a TEAM! #teampauro

Worked my Butt off!

Yep WORK. I worked my butt off from the moment i dived in. The best part was that I actually LOVED it. Its amazing when a passion + business comes together. Work can actually be fun! Don't worry, not everyone needs to work like i did. You create what you want, its your business.

What does "work" look like in doTERRA?

Workshops/ Classes - I held 1-3 per week.

Follow up/Support - You need to support your enrolments, create community and ensure you are educating your enrolments on using their oils (I do this all online in our support community).

Launch and Support New Sharers/Builders - As your builders start popping up (trust me they WILL if you keep putting that positive energy out there) You need to help them launch their business too and mentor them along the way.

Personal Development

doTERRA is an essential oil business wrapped up in a personal development one haha! Building your own business comes with some self love challenges. You need to dig deep within yourself, face your darknesses and work through your sh!t. Don't hide away when these things come to the surface, face them, work on yourself and move forward (and upward!)

Are you ready to create a life you love as your Inspire others along the way?

Now that iv shared how I did it, id like to be unashamedly raw + honest with you...

I was a high school drop out, a teenage mum and i abused my health and body for many years. Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know that anyone can build a doTERRA business. You don't need to be a Social Media Wiz (I only started my page in May last year) you don't need to be good at "selling", this is a business of SERVICE and you don't need "business" experience, Iv never had my own business either. 

What u DO need to be.....

>>> A go-getter at heart with a passion for exploring natural health and wellness.

>>> Ready to impact change and create a ripple effect that supports future generations to flourish.

>>> Ready to Inspire and lead a growing tribe of dreamers and change-makers.

>>> Seeking a lifestyle where you have limitless potential and complete financial freedom.

>>> Looking for a life that you can design, from when you work and play to how much you earn.

If this sounds like you and you can feel the nudges and pulls (and a bit of fear too, thats normal) then I'd love to have you join me. Not only will you join a tribe of supportive + empowering men and women. You will help bring about CHANGE in people's lives.

If someone else sent you here, let them know YOUR READY.

Or click HERE for the steps on how to purchase some essential oils and join my tribe.

Make sure to let me know your ready to rock your own Wellness Business! 

I look forward to supporting you in life, wellness and business.

With Gratitude

Holly xx

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