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The second stage of PIPES focuses on inviting people in your community to learn more about these amazing essential oils. This is where it gets really fun!



People connect with other people through storytelling and your personal story is a powerful tool for making these connections and building awareness of your new business.

Watch this video to discover the power of sharing your story

Pro tip:

Share a story on your personal social media pages. This will spark the interest of your wider network and build motivation for your upcoming class.




Watch this video to learn about sharing the magic of the oils in a natural way that seamlessly fits in with your lifestyle.



One of the best skills you can learn to grow your business is mastering the art of inviting people to your classes. Watch this video to learn about effective inviting skills.



Sharing samples of the oils is a natural way to spread their power with your friends and family.


Think of your friends and family who may benefit from the oils. Do you have friends whose kids don't sleep? Friends who suffer with anxious feelings or seasonal allergies? Ask them if they are open to trying something natural and provide them with an oil sample. This will give them an “oil experience” and get them interested in attending a class.


Sampling Tips

  • Be sure to only provide samples in a tiny 1ml sample vial, this provides them with just enough oil to have an experience.

  • Always provide them with clear instructions on how to use the sample

  • Dilute with FCO so it's ready and easy to use.

  • Follow up with them asking how it helped.

  • Invite them to a class after they have had their oil experience.




Here is the fun part! Now that you have shared some oils around with your loved ones and created some excitement on your social media or amongst talking with your friends, it's time to invite everyone to a class.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Set up a Facebook event. Click here for a sample script.
  • Send out personal paper invites, this is such a nice touch.
  • Give them a personal call or meet them for a conversation to let them know you think they could benefit from these oils
  • Remind them 2 days before the event and again 4 hours before (make sure to let them know how excited you are to see them and that you’ve prepared some yummy food for them)

Tip for Facebook events

  • Post little tips, roller recipes & stories into the event leading up to the class. This will gain a bit of excitement for the upcoming workshop.


You’ll likely have friends and family who are excited to host a class for you. Make sure you prepare them ahead of time to ensure the class runs smoothly.

  • Email them a link to this simple hosting a class video

  • Determine if they want to be the enroller to earn commissions and support the people at the class or if they would prefer to simply host the event and receive a host gift instead.

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