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Congratulations on completing your first workshop! This is a such an exciting milestone. We all still get excited at new enrolments no matter what the rank or how long we have been sharing the oils.


In this stage of PIPES, you’ll learn about enrolling and supporting your new tribe members with ease.



Watch this video to learn about the enrolment process:

Key enrolment steps:

Step 1 - Have a conversation with your upline around your goals to determine the best place in your tree to place your new enrolment.

Step 2 - Check your tree and where you want them placed and write down the sponsor number.



Enroller - (you) is the one earning the commissions and supporting the new enrolment.

Sponsor - determines where they are placed in your tree.


Pro Tip

You have 14 days ONLY to move an enrolment in your organisation and this can be done ONCE ONLY.
Set a reminder in your calendar to ensure you don't forget.



Have conversations with your enrollees to better understand where to place them.

Watch this video to learn more:


Watch this video to learn how to structure your organisation from the beginning:


It’s time to welcome your new tribe member with warmth and support:

  • Send them a warm welcome email - This gives them a direct line of contact with you (if they don’t have one already)

Be sure to include the following:

  • Member Number and Password
  • Getting Started Guide (downloadable)
  • Links to support groups
  • Information on the best way to ask you for your support
  • Add them to our support groups

Our Main Team Group

Natural Wellness Tribe

Broader Community

Empower with Essential Oils - Ō




Nurturing and supporting your enrolments from the start is key.

Watch this video to learn more:

Pro tips:

  • Nurture your enrolments and make sure they feel supported.

  • Provide a wellness consult / membership overview when their oils arrive. Be sure they are aware how their membership works. Are they aware of LRP?

  • Host group classes on various topics. This is a fun way to get everyone together, explaining how they can use their oils and just have a bit of fun. You can create anything you like based on what you feel comfortable with. If you’re a DIY queen, hold a DIY demo. Some class ideas to get you started: “You’ve got your oils - now what?” or “DIY cleaning”


Watch this video to learn how to hold a Wellness Consult.

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