Anita Den Baars

Anita Den Baars.png

I am a trained secondary teacher in PE and Health and mumma of one little boy that is coming up two. My husband and I live in rural foothills of Mid - Canterbury, NZ on a farm called Ruanui which my husband manages.
I am deeply passionate about fitness, the outdoors and all things wellbeing.
I have always had a passion for health and wellbeing, so when this opportunity came along and I fell in love with the oils I jumped on it. 

I have been looking for something more suited to our family life so that I can be there for my son when he needs me. The flexibility of the online wellness Biz opportunity doTERRA has given me has been life changing for our family.

What is your favourite oil and why?

Frankincense. I just love that it has so many uses and that if I have just this oil I can use it for most things that are going on with my family and me. I mainly use it on my wrists when I’m overwhelmed and feeling anxious, for its anti-aging skin properties and in the diffuser with lavender peace for sleep.

How has your life changed since joining Inspired Collective?

I can honestly say since I started with the Inspired Collective I have felt a new sense of purpose and vigour in my life.

The way this team is so overwhelmingly generous with their time and support has been a huge factor in my success so far.

Why doTERRA?

These products directly align with my passions and values around holistic health and wellness. It genuinely sets my soul a light to be able to spread this beautiful gift of the earth into homes and to give mumma's all around the world the power back in their homes around their families’ wellbeing.

The company is NEXT LEVEL kind and caring. They go out of their way to sort any issues and make sure you are happy.


Courtney Flint

Courtney Flint.png

Hi I’m Courtney. I am mum to Emmett (4) and Aubrey, Ellery and Cohen (2 year old triplets). My husband and I own and run a hot water, solar energy and heating company on the South Coast of NSW.  I love sports and exercise, and have a keen interest in the way food enables our bodies to thrive.  I was an English High School teacher for 14 years before starting our family.  I have realised my calling is not in education but in holistic health and, of course, in sharing essential oils!

It is my mission to create a low tox, happy, healthy home for our family and to help others to live their best life.  I have a passion for women’s health and well-being, and I love championing women to push their boundaries and achieve their dreams.

What is your favourite oil and why?

Hands down Frankincense closely followed by Balance. I love the versatility of Frankincense and use it in nearly everything I do! I take it internally daily, use it in my beauty routine, rub it on the kids before bed and feature it in almost every diffuser blend I make. I love Balance because when the kids get crazy, I pop it on and they calm down straight away. Anything that gives me a moment of peace or a pause from breaking up endless fighting is a winner in my book!!

How has your life changed since joining Inspired Collective?

My whole life has changed! Our emotional, mental and physical health and well-being have changed dramatically. I have met some incredible people and my outlook in life and how I approach it have transformed. I no longer wait for life to unfold- I attack it with fervour!

Why doTERRA?

Before I enrolled I had no idea what dōTERRA was or what they were about. I truly believe I was led here for a reason and I fell in love with the company straight away. I am passionate about social justice, so the charity works and sustainable sourcing methods really inspire me. dōTERRA are changing lives in so many ways. This company is making waves and I am on board to help make change in the world, one drop at a time!


Kelly Booker

Kelly Booker.png



Hi, I’m Kelly! I am a wife, mother of three and a teacher. I lead a very busy life juggling family, teaching and doTERRA. doTERRA has become a huge passion of mine. I love being able to help others and connect them to this life changing way of living. I now enjoy living a low-tox lifestyle and feel empowered to know that I can help my family at any time.


What is your favourite oil and why?

Balance is my all time favourite - I use it on everyone in our house to help keep feelings of calm and balance.

How has your life changed since joining Inspired Collective?

I have found a new direction for my life, one I am passionate about.

Why doTERRA?

doTERRA have amazing products that I know are safe for my whole family. It is a company full of integrity and light in a world that sometimes can seem dark. Being a part of this company makes me feel as though I am part of REAL change and hope.


Jaime Penei

Jaime Penei.png

Hello, my name is Jaime. I'm a wife and mother of three beautifully busy children. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand in the seaside community of New Brighton. I have a nature loving family so we love to get away camping, fishing & surfing. I love inspiring people to reach for natural alternatives when possible.

What is your favourite oil and why?

Oh really, I only get to pick one? I'm torn between balance & frank, but I'll have to go with frankincense as I love its effects on the mind, body & soul.

How has your life changed since joining Inspired Collective?

My life has changed immensely. I feel empowered as a mother now that I have these products from the earth at my finger tips. Knowing I'm using something natural on my children, watching them follow in my foot steps to come ask for oils, and knowing that they are safe, effective & natural products we can use when the time arises just warm my heart. The support amongst the inspired collective is above & beyond. I feel extremely blessed to be a part of it.

Why doTERRA?

The more I learn about doTERRA the more & more I love their company & products. The support & income they bring to developing country's is so amazing! They really are one of the most passionate & ethical company's I have came across & I am proud to be apart of it.


Toni Ata

Toni Ata.png

Hi, I'm Toni.  Happily married Mum to 2 young adults  Originally from New Zealand but have been living in Gorgeous Perth for 25 years. My husband & I love to travel & spend time with friends & family.  I am passionate about dōTERRA & love both gaining & sharing oily knowledge.

What is your favourite oil and why?

On Guard is my favourite oil. This oil has totally changed my health & well-being. I suffered with Glandular Fever for about 4yrs, on & off but mostly on. I started rolling On Guard on my feet morning & night, detoxified my household by using On Guard for cleaning, washing my hands & brushing my teeth & I haven't had swollen glands in over 5 months now & that is huge!

How has your life changed since being part of Inspired Collective?

'This is an empowerment business wrapped up in an oil business.' Being a part of the Inspired Collective encompasses that motto completely.  It is so positive, uplifting, genuinely supportive & I'm blessed to be a part of this great team. The Inspired Collective is empowering me to see the amazing potential in myself that was always there. It just needed nurturing. ️

Why doTERRA?

Not only because dōTERRA oils are pure, safe & effective. But also because of their ethics & social awareness. dōTERRA as a company genuinely care about the impact they have on the world but especially on the empowerment of women.


Tracey Coulthard

Tracey Coulthard.png

Hi I am Tracey.  I am the wife of a gorgeous husband that I treasure so much, mum to 3 beautiful sons, all in their mid to late twenties, and have a delicious black lab called Louie. Living well is extremely important to me, especially over the last 7 years since being diagnosed with primary progressive MS. With this I have learnt I have to be the captain of my ship. Therefore, what I put in, on and around my body is key to well being along with other holistic activities such as good vegan diet with fish, mindfulness, drawing and exercise.  I don't want to just be in the normal range of health and wellness. I want to be optimal so I can laugh, share and live all that life brings to me and my family.

What is your favourite oil and why?

I actually have lots of favourite oils.  They all benefit and support my body today. However, in particular, my favourite is Balance. It brings mindfulness, calm, tranquility and relaxation. All key elements for my well being.

How has your life changed since being part of Inspired Collective?

I have just finished working full time after 25 years as a tertiary teacher wherein I coordinated and taught tourism and travel studies. Life this year has therefore changed immensely for me as I have had to put my health first. Having been a giver for years, supporting young adults on their pathway, this was not an easy decision.  However, I have now found a renewed sense of purpose. A journey that has me supporting my family, friends and the wider community. I just love it and could not be happier.

Why doTERRA?

I love all the doTERRA stands for--quality, co-impact sourcing, sustainability, healing hands and the way of sharing their products.


Debbie Race


Hi, I am a wife, a mum to 3 gorgeous kiddies aged 7 ½, 4 & 7 months. Originally from NZ but we have been here in Perth for close to 6 years now & love it. My husband work FIFO so it gets pretty busy & crazy.

What is your favourite oil and why?

My favourite oil (at the moment) would have to be Serenity – Lavender Peace. I use it in my babies sleep blend and on myself just before bed each night. I find it makes me fall asleep a lot easier and have a much better quality sleep and wake up feeling great.

How has your life changed since being part of Inspired Collective?

My life has changed so much since being apart of this amazing oily tribe. It has provided me with a lot of support, ideas, encouragement & motivation as well as mentoring with the business side of doTERRA. It is such a supportive group where everyone is willing to help.

Why doTERRA?

I didn’t know much about Essential Oils or doTERRA before I started this wellness journey. As I learnt more it became clear that they are a company who give so much back. From The Healing Hands Foundation, Operation Underground Railroad to the Co-impact Souring of their Essential Oils – providing work and jobs to developing countries.


Tara Rangi

I am a wife and mother. I am blessed to have an amazing husband and three beautiful children who keep us on our toes.

My husband and I are personal trainers and we are very passionate about health and fitness

We love to share our passion for wellness with others.

Favourite oil and why?

I have many favourite oils but frankincense the king of oils is at the top of my list

It’s great for cellular health -a cell is the smallest unit of life that can replicate independently and cells are often called “the building blocks of life”. Its an amazing oil used in our home so much and making a big impact.

How has your life changed since being a part of Inspired Collective?

I felt empowered to share the oils as I had so much success In my home with myself and my family that it inspired me to make a wave and watch the ripple.

The support and vibe we have in our tribe is amazing, I wouldn’t have life any other way. It’s amazing to see yourself grow and watch it happen around you. It’s amazing what strong supportive people can achieve

Why doTERRA?

The gift from earth. I wanted take things back to way my ancestors would have done thing and I know that I’m not only helping myself and my family but I’m helping the lives of so many with doterra co-impact sourcing .

But also because they are extremely effective at supporting our physical and emotional health.

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