Sofia Potente

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I'm a passionate mum on a mission - to inspire others to detox their homes and lives, and support their wellbeing naturally. My business, The Natural Switch, aims to teach and empower women about healthy living - and of course a key aspect of that is using essential oils. 

I discovered these amazing oils through our health journey with my youngest son, who had severe gut issues. After a year of struggle, we turned to a holistic natural approach which was a life changer. I'm now an advocate for natural living and can talk your ear off about all things wellness related - which is why I love running classes!

By training, I'm a public health researcher, a published author and have managed health promotion and cancer prevention programs for over 12 years. 

Work aside -hanging out with my boys, dancing, being outdoors, obsessively listening to podcasts and being in good company are amongst my favourite things.

What is your favourite oil and why?

Ooh just one?? I'm loving Wild Orange and Console at the moment - because they are uplifting and comforting. My Reiki practitioner recommended Console for me - so I've been using that one like crazy since!

How has your life changed since joining Inspired Collective?

Since our journey with my son, I've always been motivated about sharing the healthy living message. But joining the Inspired Collective gave me the structure, systems and support that I needed to be able to achieve results. Joining the team gave me more direction and clarity, and the tools to be able to empower people to take control of their health, using oils. I'm also seeing the financial benefits for my business and I'm excited for what the future holds for our family!

Why doTERRA?

Because they are the best oils in the world! Coming from a public health research background, using evidence based oils and knowing they are safe and effective is important to me. I love that doTERRA oils are independently scientifically tested for potency and purity, and are the most extensively studied brand in the world. I also love the ethics and values of the brand in giving back and making a difference in disadvantaged communities around the world.



Jeanna Russell-Reihana


Hey I'm a mother of four, two with special needs/learning difficulties. I live in Dunedin, New Zealand and my partner works FIFO in Brazil. I have a strong passion for natural living and wellness.  

What is your favourite oil and why?

My favourite oil is frankincense because it has played a huge part in removing and keeping my daughter off all pharmaceutical medication for her epilepsy, while also assisting with her emotional needs and brain trauma.

How has your life changed since joining Inspired Collective?

Our quality of life has changed dramatically since being a part of Inspired Collective. Not only by providing natural alternatives in our home but an opportunity for me to share my love of helping and inspiring others. All while still being a hands on parent.

Why dōTERRA?

Because their oils are the best in the market, they provide me with the tools and support to grow a thriving business while also helping communities in need become self reliant.  


Jasmine Moke


I am a mother of 5, originally from New Zealand. Very family orientated and passionate about empowering my team.

What is your favourite oil and why?

My Favourite Oil is Frankincense, it's ability to support my families emotions can not be measured.

How has your life changed since joining Inspired Collective?

Being apart of Inspired Collective for me has been an amazing support during my journey with Essential Oils. A Tribe on amazing empowering leaders that help to guide each other.

Why doTERRA?

dōTERRA came in a time when I was feeling low, since joining dōTERRA I have pushed myself to limits I never thought possible. dōTERRA is not just a name but a community that you get to become a part of.


Bridget Hohua

Bridget Hohua.png

Hello my name is Bridget and I am a mother of four beautiful children ranging in age from early 20’s to early teens.  I am originally from New Zealand but have lived in Perth for almost 20 years with my partner and our family.  I am a full-time Wellness Advocate with doTERRA and I work part-time in Health and Fitness.

Favourite Oil and Why?

Frankincense.  I could not imagine life without Frankincense.  For me it promotes a feeling of wellness, vitality and presence.  Frankincense is the oil that opened my eyes to the healing benefits of doTERRA essential oils and it is the oil I use daily from ingesting for cellular renewal, using in my low-tox skincare regime to facilitating meditation.

How has my life changed since being part of Inspired Collective?

To be part of a group of women that support each other, uplift one another and celebrate each of our achievements is truly a gift in my life and I am so grateful to be a part of this tribe of empowered women.

To witness the courage and greatness of each individual and also as a collective is a blessing that inspires me every single day and propels me towards a future full of positivity and possibility.

Why doTERRA?

doTERRA has a heart and it has culture.  doTERRA is a company that comes from a place of being in service to others which is not only empowering but also very powerful.  It makes a difference and a change in our world today by shifting to a natural approach to wellness.  doTERRA has truly changed my life and the path I now chose to bravely walk on--sharing nature's gifts to support health, vitality and wellness with others and as part of a community of like-minded people globally.


Mahu Hauraki


I am married to an incredible man & together we have 3 children. We are a Christian family with a passion for people.

Favourite Oil and Why?

Easy Air. This oil single handedly changed our lives. With our daughter diagnosed as a chronic asthmatic Easy Air gave her the support no prescribed medication could

How has your life changed since being part of Inspired Collective?

Have you ever felt like you're waiting for something but you're not sure what? This is how I felt & then doTERRA happened. Its opened my eyes to who I am, who I can be & the potential I have.

Why doTERRA?

It's simple, a natural product created by God that changed our lives. Then there's the co-impact sourcing and the healing hands foundation. I am proud to be aligned with doTERRA.


Samy Elston

Let me introduce myself...I’m Samy a kickass Super Mum & FIFO wifey to 4 beautiful souls, I strive to be the rainbow on an otherwise rainy day. I practice holistic health & I am crazy about crystals & all things magical. It is a passion of mine to empower others to take control of their health, mind & body with a more natural approach, all whilst sprinkling kindness everywhere I go.  

Favourite oil and why?

My fave oil personally is Balance, it was my game changer. Aurora my daughter, from birth suffered from reflux, colic, constant crying, unable to settle. Balance worked at an emotional level with her & she seemed to finally settle, come into her own & feel grounded.

How has your life changed since being a part of Inspired Collective?

I become so full of emotions when I think about the amazing direction my life has taken since joining Inspired Collective. I can say whole heartedly this is the first time in my life I feel like I belong & I am a part of something bigger.

Why doTERRA?

To be honest there’s lots of reasons I use doTERRA. I could tell you it's because of the absolute magic inside each bottle or the co impact sourcing or healing hands foundation. Those are all amazeballs reasons to choose doTERRA but to me what I have truly love is the people, the tribe of amazing unique souls that I have met on my journey who forever inspire me.

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